Residents of Sun City, Arizona want to know what a bed bug looks like

Where do bed bugs come from? This can be hard to figure out, but basically anywhere you go publicly. Here are a few places you might go that are the highest chance of finding bed bugs in Sun City, Arizona.

  • Doctors office
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Public transportation
  • Used furniture
  • Restuarants
  • Hospitals

What does a bed bug look like?

  • Less than a 1/4 inch in size
  • Looks like an apple seed
  • One that has eaten will be brown or reddish in color
  • They become more pale in color the further from their last meal
  • Mistaken for lice or small beetle

Where to find a bed bug in hotels?

  • Look in the seams of a mattress where they are stitched together
  • Check seams of furniture
  • Check drawers or underside of drawers
  • Check headboards or bed frames
  • Pillow cases
  • Baseboards where they meet the carpet
  • But most of all check the mattress!

Signs of bed bugs…

  • Black or red spotting on the mattress or sheets
  • Many people mistake bed bug bites for bug bites
  • They are red bumps that can be in multiple areas

How to get rid of bed bugs in Sun City

Many local pest control companies use heat treatment. The temperature has to be above 117 degrees for at least 7 minutes. The danger is if you do not find a highly trained professional you can have damage done to your home at temps like that. There are other pest control companies in Sun City that will use chemical treatment on your furniture as well as having you do laundry at extremely high temps to kill bed bugs. Both treatments are extremely effective and are more successful than anything you can buy over the counter. The goal of local exterminators in Sun City is to kill any eggs. Almost any chemical will kill and adult, but the eggs need to be sterilized. There is nothing a homeowner can buy over the counter to kill eggs and requires a licensed professional pest control company.


If for any reason you think you might have bed bugs or possibly could have transported them into your home. The safest thing you can do is contact a pest control company in Sun City, Arizona to come out and inspect your home or a specific area. We would be honored to inspect your home and advise you by calling us at 623-300-1482.