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The dreaded cockroach is common in Arizona, in fact there are four types of cockroaches in the Phoenix area. Roaches are not just gross, they also carry many germs with them along their backs that they pick up from the areas they hang out in or travel through. Roaches come from sewage areas, trash dumpsters, rotting food areas, etc.

The cockroach reproduction rate is extremely fast so getting the under control can be extremely challenging. They are very good at hiding and it is very unlikely you will see them being nocturnal pests. The fact is that if you see one of them, then you have way more cockroaches that you are aware of.

The cockroach will enter your home through colder damp places like a bathroom, a basement, or a kitchen. They will hide under refrigerators or in cabinets looking for food crumbs to feast on. The normal habitat of a cockroach is a sewer system or mulch beds with landscaping. It is important to not only treat inside your home but to create preventative treatments outside your home in the landscaping.

Treatments for cockroaches are usually not a one time treatment. We recommend setting up some follow up visits to make sure our treatments are making the required success we want. Cockroaches can be the hardest pest to remove and treatments you can purchase at your local hardware store are not effective most of the time. A professional treatment plan to remove cockroaches is usually the only option when it comes to cockroaches. Don’t mess around and call us today to cure your roach problem today!



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