Bee Swarms in the Sun City and Phoenix Area single bee might just be a nuisance, but a swarm of bees can be dangerous. In the Phoenix area the two most common bees are the Africanized Honey Bee (better known as the killer bee) and the European Honey Bee. A swarm of bees might be just trying to rest, but they might be trying to set up a home.

If you watch the news at all in Phoenix or have been around the area even a short amount of time you are aware of the bee swarms. Many days you will see on the news of a bee swarm that stung 20 people and firefighters coming to the area to spray a foam that calms the bees. These bee swarms can be dangerous sending multiple people to the hospital. If you were to come across a bee swarm at your property it is important to stay inside, notify those in the surrounding area such as neighbors, and contact professional pest control.

If you were to come across a bee hive or bee swarm you want to avoid making loud noises. Avoid banging or tapping anything around the hive or swarm. Never throw any objects at the hive or swarm. It is never a good idea to spray anything on the hive or swarm. Assume the bee you have come across is aggressive because the Africanized bee will be aggressive in defending it’s territory.

Many times these bee swarms will move on after a couple days, but at times they are setting up home in a wall, a tree, or the eves of your roof at the property. To avoid this from happening we advise you take quick action by calling us to eliminate your bee problem. It is important to keep you and your family safe from a bee swarm, allow our Pros to use their proven experience in removing a bee swarm or hive from your property. Your safety is our biggest concern so call us today to keep your property and family safe.



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