Bed Bugs in the Sun City and Phoenix Area

Most of the time if a client is contacting us about bed bugs it is because they have already located them. There is a two step treatment process that will ensure these pest have been removed from your property. The number one question we are asked is where did they come from. The answer could be impossible to answer because they could be transported from hotels, public transportation, gyms, work, theaters, restaurants, etc. Maybe the question should be would bed bugs not come from. With so many possibilities it is very important to be proactive with regular preventative treatments.

The bed bug poses multiple health hazards to the human body, but in most cases skin rash is the most common issue. Bed bugs feed on you, the human because they enjoy your blood. They have also been known to to feed on animals in your home using these meals to help them reproduce. The skin rash is the most common way people find the bed bug unless they are visually inspecting for them. The bed bug can look a lot like a seed from an apple. The female can lay up to 5 eggs a day in your bed, so the reproduction rate is quick and infestation can come on quickly.

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