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In the Phoenix and Sun City Area ants are a big problem. With multiple types of ants it can be hard for the property owner to know which ant treatment is correct. Ants are looking for two things moisture and food. These pests are extremely good at finding the smallest opening to find there way into the property. Many people feel that if they can just kill on the visible ants or set a trap they will have taken care of their ant problem. Ants live in colonies with a queen ant that lays eggs, male ants, and worker ants. When the workers make their way into your property they will leave a pheromone trail undetectable by humans. This trail allows for the other workers a guide to find their way to the moisture or food.

In the state of Arizona there are a few types of ants that cause different problems. There are the fire ants that cause pain to humans, black ants that infest your property, carpenter ants that can cause major damage to your property, pharaoh ants that take over your food areas, the harvester ant that is poisonous.

Ant problems usually require a professional to get control of the pest problem. With the professionals at Sun City Pest Control Pros our experience can eliminate your pest problem in a hurry. Call us today to remove these hard workers from your property.



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